Employer Services Contacts

The OP&F Employer Services Group ensures the accuracy and completeness of employer monthly reports, often working one-on-one with a municipality’s payroll clerk. Occasionally OP&F reassigns Employer Services Specialists to best serve the needs of our employers. Below is a list of who you should contact with questions regarding your monthly reporting. Please feel free to contact your representative for any questions you have or for assistance in completing and submitting your payroll report.

Employer name begins with: ESG Specialist
Akron, Cleveland, N, T, Toledo, V
Brenda Mills
Phone: (614) 628-8429
E-mail: bmills@op-f.org
C, K, Monclova - Mu, R, Y
Brittany Hanson
Phone: (614) 628-8254
E-mail: bhanson@op-f.org
F, Mi - Mogadore, S
Brooke Kelley
Phone: (614) 628-8258
E-mail: bkelley@op-f.org
Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, J, W, Z
Katrina Williams
Phone: (614) 628-8257
E-mail: kwilliams@op-f.org
D, L, Ma-Mary Ann, P
Michell Hyer
Phone: (614) 628-8441
E-mail: mhyer@op-f.org
E, G, H, O, U
Nicole Mavromatis
Phone: (614) 628-8238
E-mail: nmavromatis@op-f.org
A,B, I, Marysville - Me, X
Rachael Garrett
Phone: (614) 628-8253
E-mail: rgarrett@op-f.org
Please contact any one of the ESG Specialists above if you have an urgent question and are unable to reach your ESG Specialist.
Need assistance with Additional Contacts
Late "report" penalties and 30 day letter penalties
Dominique Adams
Phone: (614) 628-8377
E-mail: dadams@op-f.org
Employer Education
John Gresh
E-mail: employereducation@op-f.org
Late "payment" penalties
L.J. Adkins
Phone: (614) 628-8332
E-mail: ladkins@op-f.org