Contribution Rates

Employer contribution rates at OP&F are 19.5 percent of reportable payrolls for employers of police officers and 24 percent for employers of firefighters. This is in addition to the member's contribution, which is a percentage of the gross pensionable salary for full-time police officers and firefighters.

Changes to contribution rates

In September 2012, The Ohio General Assembly passed a new law which gradually increased the member contribution rates for active OP&F police officers and firefighters. The active member contribution rate increased from 10 percent to 12.25 percent in increments of 0.75 percent per year from 2013-2015. The contribution rate of 12.25 percent remains the current rate.

The law did not change the employer contribution rates.


Police Officers
Gross Pensionable Salary

Gross Pensionable Salary

Member Contributions   July 2012:   10.00%   July 2012:   10.00%
    July 2013:   10.75%   July 2013:   10.75%
    July 2014:   11.50%   July 2014:   11.50%
    July 2015:   12.25%   July 2015:   12.25%
Employer Contributions 19.5% 24%