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Eligibility for the OP&F health care stipend: what to do when you have a  QLE

To become eligible for the OP&F health care stipend, a Qualifying Life Event, or QLE, must first occur. A common QLE is the involuntary loss of group health care coverage, which usually happens when a member or spouse retires or becomes unemployed and their employer’s plan is no longer available.

There is a 60-day window to apply for the OP&F health care stipend after a QLE occurs. The first step to applying is to complete OP&F’s Health Care Stipend Eligibility Form, found on the OP&F website. The completed form can be emailed to questions@ op-f.org, sent via U.S. mail, faxed to OP&F at 614-628-1777, or dropped off at OP&F offices in Columbus. This will start the process for OP&F to establish eligibility to receive the health care stipend.

OP&F will acknowledge receipt of the form and request additional documentation, such as proof of loss of coverage and proof of enrollment in an eligible plan. We will also send the member’s information to our retiree health care partner, Alight, who will mail a welcome kit and other materials. Additional information is on the health care section of the OP&F website, and Alight’s OP&F specific websites. Links to these websites are also under the retiree section of the OP&F homepage.

If a member dies, the family must contact OP&F, their health care carrier and Alight Retiree Health Exchange to stop any auto premium reimbursements. More information on the OP&F health care stipend can be found on the OP&F website health care page by clicking here.

Posted 2/27/2023

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